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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Blink 182

Blink Are : Tom DeLonge plays guitar and sings, Mark Hoppus plays bass guitar, does vocals, and Travis Barker plays the drums. Scott Raynor is the ex - drummer for Blink 182. Some say he left on Bad terms, other say he left to further his education, who knows ? Blink 182 live in San Diego, California USA that is when they aren't touring, which is quite often. What albums have they release ? Blink have released 3 albums and a few singles ,demo's and stuff. Check my Discography page for more details. Blink 182 have just released their new album, 'Blink 182 The Mark Tom And Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back)'.Blink 182 used to be called 'Blink' but some Irish band also had the same name, and so they threatened with legal action. So '182' was added to the end of 'Blink' and urban legends arose that this number had some special meaning... well sorry to disappoint some, but it does not.

Britney's Kid Sister Gets Own TV Show

LOS ANGELES - She's been surrounded by celebrity just about all of her life, but Jamie Lynn Spears would have you believe she's just another teenager blown away by the fact she gets to travel to Los Angeles to make TV shows, and they sometimes let her keep the clothes she wears on set.
But then Britney Spears' kid sister, still kidlike and disarmingly polite at 13, makes a pretty good case for her innocence when she recounts her reaction to learning she would be starring in her own TV show.
"I thought, `Oh my gosh, that would be so cool!'" she recalls thinking when veteran TV producer Dan Schneider told her one day over lunch that he wanted to take her out of the ensemble cast of the children's variety show "All That" and put her in the spotlight.
"So we started talking about stuff and we came up with all of these — all of these ideas — and he wrote something," says Jamie Lynn, still sounding fascinated by the process.
The result, "Zoey 101," airs 8 p.m. EST Sundays on Nickelodeon. The sitcom, which debuted Jan. 9, Jamie Lynn stars as Zoey Brooks, a student at Pacific Coast Academy, a campus that until her arrival and that of a handful of other girls had been an exclusive all-boys boarding school.
Zoey, not to be intimidated by her swaggering, macho 13-year-old male counterparts, quickly begins to take charge, something Jamie Lynn herself doubts she would be as eager to do in real life.
"Zoey's kind of like a leader," she reflects. "I guess I could say I lead in some ways, but Zoey is so good at that. I'm a little more shy than Zoey, I'd say."
The two are alike in some ways, adds Jamie Lynn, whose Southern accent is far more noticeable in conversation than Zoey's is in front of the camera. Like Zoey, pink is her favorite color, and she loves wearing the same clothes as her character.
"All her clothes, I'm like, `Can I have 'em?" she says, laughing.
The youngest Spears has never been far from show business. By the time she was walking, Britney Spears had made her debut on TV's "The New Mickey Mouse Club." She was just 8 when Britney's first album came out in 1999.
As for her shyness, if it's born out of being the youngest of three children — she also has an older brother — Jamie Lynn insists she wouldn't have it any other way.
"I was always mom and daddy's little baby," she giggles. "I was spoiled the most."
After going through what she calls her "tomboy stage," she became interested in acting and began appearing in local plays. Her mother helped her land a commercial and a small role in her sister's film "Crossroads."
Then Nickelodeon came calling, asking her to audition for "All That," the long-running variety show that, like NBC's "Saturday Night Live," changes ensemble casts every few years. Its alumni include Amanda Bynes and Nick Cannon, who went on to star in films and their own TV shows, as well as "Fat Albert" star Kenan Thompson, who's also in the current "SNL" cast.
Schneider, the executive producer of "All That," says it took only two seasons for Jamie Lynn to become the show's breakout star.
She had won her spot in the cast when, as a gangly 11-year-old, she did an over-the-top impression of an 84-year-old bodyguard who pitches people out of windows and attacks them with leaf blowers. She had based the character on her great-grandmother.
"Based on her audition, I would have added her to the cast of 'All That' even if she had not been a Spears," says Schneider, adding the secret to her success both as an actress and a person seems to rest in the fact she doesn't realize she's beautiful, famous and talented.
"The net result is you have this real girl talking to you, sort of like the girl next door," he says.
"Zoey 101," meanwhile, marks the first time Schneider has gone on location to film a TV show. It takes place at Pepperdine University, and the Malibu campus, with its palm trees and stunning hilltop views of the sun-dappled Pacific Ocean, dominates the show almost as much Jamie Lynn's Zoey does.
The Kentwood, La., teenager has taken advantage of that, ferrying some of her school chums to California to visit the set.
"They just love the show," she says. "They pick on me, of course. They say (in a teasing voice), `Ah ha, ha, you're so funny,' and like that, because that's what friends do. But they love whenever I go to L.A. to do the show because they get to come up and visit and they get to be extras in the background."
Her sister also got involved in putting the show together, writing its theme song, "Follow Me," which Jamie Lynn sings.
"Yes sir, she wrote it and I changed a few little words here and there. But she helped me a lot," says Jamie Lynn, who bears a striking resemblance to her 23-year-old sister. She doesn't know yet if Britney will make a guest appearance on the show, but adds it would be "really cool" if she did.
As for her own future, Jamie Lynn is hoping "Zoey" does well enough to stay on the air for a few seasons. After that she'd like to look into making movies and attending college.